My Story

My family were at breaking point. The kids were screaming in the yard about some toy one of them had broken, the dog was barking and scratching at the patio door to be let in, and my wife was pulling at her own hair trying to clean, cook and feed our baby all at the same time. I wanted to help, but my back injury had me lying on the sofa in agony, barely able to sit up. The office chairs didn’t help either, those things were like resting against an iron rod for 9 hours a day.

When things had finally settled down, and the kids were quietly slurping their dinners while scrolling through their phones, I had a word with my wife. “I’ve had an idea,” I announced. “I want us to get a hot tub”. My wife looked up from her chicken Caesar salad with an angry glare.
“If you think I’m cleaning out a hot tub every day so you and your friends can drink in it on the weekends you’ve got another thing coming.”
“No dear, not me and the guys, you and the kids. I think it would be good for us, help us relax. It would help me with my back problems too, the doctor recommended it a while ago but I never thought about it until now.”
Her face softened. I tried to read her reaction but her mind seemed to be ticking over. “How could we afford it Peter? We’re not exactly rolling in spare cash right now. Don’t hot tubs cost like $5,000?”
That’s when I remembered the ad I had seen in the Post Office window today. “There’s a store in town that sells cheap ones, Hot Tubs Modesto I think it’s called, I saw a flyer this morning, $1,500 including delivery.”
“Peter, if you’ve already ordered it…”
“No honey, I want us to pick one out together. Think about it, the warm water, the powerful jets, sitting back and feeling all our stress melt away,” I said each word slowly and seductively, and she seemed to be taking the bait. Her expression changed from sceptic to dreamy, and I knew she was on board.

The next morning, we wrangled the kids together and got in the car, the wife and I equally as excited as the kids. My back gave a sharp twinge as I climbed into the driver’s seat, but I smiled as I remembered my pain would soon be over. With this hot tub, my spine would be as loose as my three year old son’s shoelaces.
We pulled up to the store and I was immediately greeted by a short, cheery man with a firm handshake. The salesman, whose name tag said he was called Derrick, showed us the types of hot tubs on offer. Some were just big enough for two adults, others you could swim in. The array of choice was mind boggling, and after a few moments of talking Derrick could tell I wasn’t clued up on the jargon. He looked my family up and down, nodded, and asked us to follow him.

We stopped beside a beauty of a hot tub. It was bigger than my car and very impressive. Five seats, fifty-five high pressure jets, fourteen lights and even a mini waterfall. It was magnificent. Derrick explained the ins and outs of the hot tub, how it worked, maintenance requirements, this was a man who knew his hot tubs. The kids were wide eyed, mesmerized by the sight of it, even my wife was impressed. We decided straight away that this was the hot tub for us.
After a short and pleasant conversation with Derrick, we had purchased our new toy. He even gave us 50% off installation for paying upfront. Less than 48 hours later, the hot tub was installed and running, Derrick himself even came round to do the final checks before the installation men left.

Our hot tub is now our favorite family activity. It doesn’t always keep the kids quiet, but it’s improved my back problems 100%, and I’ve never seen my wife so relaxed. Hot Tubs Modesto is a life saver, I wish we’d done this years ago.

Help Yourself

My little girl has the worst sleeping habits as far as a newborn goes. I have no idea how but she has completely flipped the schedule around and now is awake all night and wants to sleep through the day. Lucky me that means I am up all night, and still up through the day just trying to hold a sleeping child in the process. Let me tell you it is not easy. The minute you stop moving or rocking her she notices and wakes up. Well, I was just about as frazzled as one person could be when my husband gave me the best surprise ever. He came home after he purchased the best Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing available at our local store.

Some of you might wonder what a cradling swing is, which was my initial reaction as well. Turns out it is fantastic for mothers of infants! The cradling swing keeps your baby safe and sound, and makes them think that they are in someone’s arms the whole time. It keeps a continuous movement set by you. Now even in the middle of the day I can put my little girl down and she continues to sleep, which means I have a window of time to do everything I need for the day! I have even begun to play with the lullaby sounds on the swing to see which if any songs she responds to.

I never knew how much a single product could change a life, but I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who provided me with the capability to help my child and do what I need to do in the day. If any of you first time or even repeat parents are reading this, I would highly consider finding the best cradling swing for you. Make Life easier for yourself without compromising the comfort of your child!

The Newest Addition

My husband and I recently purchased a new hot tub for our home. We settled for a hot tub compared to the alternative, a swimming pool due to its low start up and maintenance costs and it is easier to move a hot tub as compared to a swimming pool. We both looked forward to the exciting new experience as you know, it is not every day one decides to go out hot tub shopping; hoping everything goes on well as planned. First things first, we had to do some little research on hot tubs being first time buyers and all, it was really important for us to know the dealers of Hot Tubs Modesto CA.

We made a few phone calls to friends, family, and browsed online for reviews and any other important information we could find on hot tub dealers in the area. We needed to do all this as a precautionary method just before we set out on the shopping spree to avoid scams. From our research, we were ready to meet the sales team at selected dealerships which seemed to match our needs and had affordable Hot Tubs Modesto CA. A Hot tub is one product that one cannot estimate its price beforehand because its price varies with features the product has to offer. We visited several hot tub dealer stores; some were not even on our list. However at the end of it all, we settled for a dealer whose conditions were ideal for us. After a short tour around, we finally made our purchase and the staff at the dealer shop was very friendly and informed too.

In any business transaction, we are advised to buy the dealer before the product or service and this is the exact strategy that guided our choice. Our hot tub dealer was kind enough to let us give it a test-run; we took turns sitting in the tub to feel its comfort as the staff explained to us the workmanship and materials used on it. This experience was somehow different as compared to my other experiences with sales people which in most cases were intense. Finally, our hot tub was delivered the very next day as promised and installed in our backyard. The installation process was done by the experienced service team from our dealer which included an electrician and now we have the best relaxed warm baths with my husband.