The Newest Addition

My husband and I recently purchased a new hot tub for our home. We settled for a hot tub compared to the alternative, a swimming pool due to its low start up and maintenance costs and it is easier to move a hot tub as compared to a swimming pool. We both looked forward to the exciting new experience as you know, it is not every day one decides to go out hot tub shopping; hoping everything goes on well as planned. First things first, we had to do some little research on hot tubs being first time buyers and all, it was really important for us to know the dealers of Hot Tubs Modesto CA.

We made a few phone calls to friends, family, and browsed online for reviews and any other important information we could find on hot tub dealers in the area. We needed to do all this as a precautionary method just before we set out on the shopping spree to avoid scams. From our research, we were ready to meet the sales team at selected dealerships which seemed to match our needs and had affordable Hot Tubs Modesto CA. A Hot tub is one product that one cannot estimate its price beforehand because its price varies with features the product has to offer. We visited several hot tub dealer stores; some were not even on our list. However at the end of it all, we settled for a dealer whose conditions were ideal for us. After a short tour around, we finally made our purchase and the staff at the dealer shop was very friendly and informed too.

In any business transaction, we are advised to buy the dealer before the product or service and this is the exact strategy that guided our choice. Our hot tub dealer was kind enough to let us give it a test-run; we took turns sitting in the tub to feel its comfort as the staff explained to us the workmanship and materials used on it. This experience was somehow different as compared to my other experiences with sales people which in most cases were intense. Finally, our hot tub was delivered the very next day as promised and installed in our backyard. The installation process was done by the experienced service team from our dealer which included an electrician and now we have the best relaxed warm baths with my husband.