Help Yourself

My little girl has the worst sleeping habits as far as a newborn goes. I have no idea how but she has completely flipped the schedule around and now is awake all night and wants to sleep through the day. Lucky me that means I am up all night, and still up through the day just trying to hold a sleeping child in the process. Let me tell you it is not easy. The minute you stop moving or rocking her she notices and wakes up. Well, I was just about as frazzled as one person could be when my husband gave me the best surprise ever. He came home after he purchased the best Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing available at our local store.

Some of you might wonder what a cradling swing is, which was my initial reaction as well. Turns out it is fantastic for mothers of infants! The cradling swing keeps your baby safe and sound, and makes them think that they are in someone’s arms the whole time. It keeps a continuous movement set by you. Now even in the middle of the day I can put my little girl down and she continues to sleep, which means I have a window of time to do everything I need for the day! I have even begun to play with the lullaby sounds on the swing to see which if any songs she responds to.

I never knew how much a single product could change a life, but I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who provided me with the capability to help my child and do what I need to do in the day. If any of you first time or even repeat parents are reading this, I would highly consider finding the best cradling swing for you. Make Life easier for yourself without compromising the comfort of your child!